Club Executive Committee

The Club is run by a committee of 14 Office Bearers. The Committee meets on the first Thursday of the month at 7.00pm in a private room upstairs at the Daniel O'Connell Hotel, Tynte Street, North Adelaide. Members are welcome to attend as observers at committee meetings or to forward topics for discussion to any member of the Committee. All financial members are eligible to stand for office and are entitled to vote at the Annual General Meeting. The Annual General meeting is conducted in March of each year.

Committee Members as elected at the AGM on 12th March 2015:

President:  Geoff McConachy

Vice-President:  Marj Muller

Secretary:  Karen Vered 

Treasurer: Tony Ryan

Club Meet Captain: Steph Palmer-White

Nominations/Registrations Officer: Marjory Muller

Open Water Swim Organiser:  Vacant 

Newsletter Editor:  Kent Nelson

Publicity officer/web editor:  Vacant

Recorder: Vacant

Fitness Director/Coaching Coordinator: Vacant

Safety Officer: Jeffrey Sheridan 

3 General Committee members: Peter Clements, Brian Morris, Mike Bossley

 As appointed by Committee: Coach: Lee MacDonald; Public Officer: Sue Graebner; Social Committee: Ilze Ostrovska; Merchandise Officer:  Vacant; Branch delegate: Brian Morris.

Past Presidents

1977 - David Morris
1978-80 - Vicki Murphy
1980-82 - Kit Simons
1982-85 - Graham Ormsby
1986-87 - David Engel
1988-90 - Russell Clarke
1991-92 - Alistair Will
1993-94 - John White
1995-97 - Russell Clarke
1998-99 - Andrew Martin
2000-01 - Melanie Webb
2001-02 - Melanie Webb - Fred Guilhaus
2002-03 - Fred Guilhaus
2003-05 - Michael Kustermann
2005-07 - Angus Netting
2007 - 2010 Sue Graebner
2010 - 2011 Sally Skyring
2011 - 2013 Robert Harris                                                                                                               
2013 Layton Waters
2014 -  Geoff McConachy

Life Members

Josie Sansom ( 1992) 1981 
Joe Savage (
) 1992
Di Simons 1992
Kit Simons 1992
Mary Kemp 
 († 20152000
Russell Clarke 2000
Marjory Muller 2001
Dieter Loeliger 2004
Mary Phin 2010
Stephanie Palmer-White 2012

Club Policies

Life Members

It is Club Policy that the Club will pay the affiliation fee required by the National body for the Club's Life Members. Executive Meeting, February 2013. 

It is Club policy that only swimmers who are eligible to join AUSSI Masters are permitted to participate in Adelaide Masters training. This policy extends to the children of Club members: Executive Committee meeting 24 May 2007. (Note: Masters minimum age is 18 from 1/1/2010.)

Meets and Merchandise
It is Club policy that all entries for Club meets, and all Merchandise purchases, be paid in advance through the Club's online payment gateway. No meets will be entered, nor merchandise acquired/delivered, unless payment is made in advance: Executive Committee meeting March 2008.

Meet entries
It is Club policy that, after the closing date for online Meet entries, a spreadsheet of all names, events and times submitted be emailed to all entrants so that they can check their entries before the spreadsheet is submitted to the meet organisers: Executive Committee meeting 6 December 2007.

Branch/National matters
Adelaide Masters Executive Committee supports the following:

The introduction of rolling membership for new members (ie that renewals occur 1 year after the date of membership, instead of on 1st January): Executive Committee 6 September 2007.




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