Open Water Swim - Roll of Honour

English Channel

Andrew Martin20 July 1996 12:57
Kent Nelson4 August 201413:42
Julieanne Goode20 July 201816:12
Victoria Cox16 August 201712:12
David Gardner26 July 202211:47

Source: Channel Swimming and Piloting Assocaition


Catalina Channel Swim

Julieanne Goode7 September 201610:49
Victoria Cox6 July 201715:39

Source: Catalina Swimming Association


Manhatten Island Swim

Julieanne Goode19 August 20177:44
Victoria Cox8 September 20178:10

Source: New York Open Water


North Channel

Julieanne Goode13 August 201913:26

Source: North Channel Swimming


Straits of Gibraltar

Julieanne Goode16 June 20194:48

Source: Strait of Gibratar Swimming Assocation

Swimmers who are club members when completing one or more Oceans 7 swims or a Triple Crown swim are included in the open water role of hour