Membership offers a number of benefits:

  • You can train with any Masters Swimming club worldwide.
  • You are able to compete in events which are not open to the general public.
  • You receive reduced entry costs to Australian Masters Swimming events which are open to the public.
  • You are covered by extensive insurance during club training.
  • You receive regular club and state branch newsletters, keeping you informed of recent and coming events.


The annual membership fee for Adelaide Masters is $120; $100 for concession and Seniors card holders. (Note that out of this fee, $42 is paid to the National body, Masters Swimming Australia, and $52 is paid to the State Branch, as a requirement of our Masters Swimming Australia affiliation.)

New memberships need to be done online through the Masters Swimming Australia Membership Portal.

Membership is open to all adults (i.e., aged 18 years or over). Members do need to know the basics of swimming, but do not have to be expert swimmers! More information about membership is available from the national website.